Cinemaschools in “Kinoproba-2017”


Student’s films:










Non-competition program


Special programs:

Fyodor Khitruk: Retrospective – Georgy Borodin (Moskow), animation film historian, researcher.

Unfamiliar India: Films from the north-east – Sergey Anashkin (Ekaterinburg), film critic, an expert in Asian cinema, the author of the book On The Films
Of Far And Near Asia (NLO Publishing, 2015).

“So They Began…” Revolution as Carnival. Film Avant-garde Debuts of the 1920s – Special course by Evgeny Margolit (Moskow), film historian and film critic.

The program of the best films of the Artkino festival – presented by Sergey Tyutin (Moskow), film director, president of the Artkino festival, head of the film school Arteria Kino (Film Artery).

Presentation of Film and TV school of Academy of performing arts (FAMU), Prague, Czech republic – Věra Hoffmanová (Czech republic), festival coordinator at FAMU.


PROFESSION: Director of Documentary

Screening / Workshop “Hidden Histories” – Philip Widmann (Germany), documentary film director.

the workshop for documentary film “Meeting point – Yeltsin Center” – Denis Klebleev (Moscow), documentary film director, professor of Moscow Film School,

Zoya Kireyeva (Ekaterinburg), documentary and animated film director.


PROFESSION: Director of Fiction Film

For whom do you film? Features of dramaturgy of the genre films for cinematic release – workshop by Alexander Arkhipov (Mockow), playwright, screenwriter, producer.

Features of working on an anthology film – workshop by Alexey Fedorchenko (Ekaterinburg), film director, screenwriter, producer.


PROFESSION: Director of Animation Film

Workshop for children “Drawing a film”, workshop for adults “Unconventional animation techniques” – Radostina Neykova (Bulgaria), animator, illustrator, teacher.

Stages of creating an animated film: from an idea to the big screen – workshop by Elena Chernova (Mockow), director, animator.


PROFESSION: Screenwriter

The first stage – scriptwriting laboratory by Lyubov Mulmenko (Perm), screenwriter, playwright, prose writer.


PROFESSION: Director of photography

Workshop by Sergey Astakhov (Moskow), director of photography.



Where does the Motherland begin… – Workshop by Evgeny Gorenburg (Ekaterinburg), musician, organizer of music festivals, producer.


PROFESSION: Photographer

Yury Mechitov (Georgia), photographer and photo artist:

master-class “Photographer on the set” with showing the materials of the film “The legend of the Surami fortress” –  Cinema house

workshop “Basics of composition in photography” – Yeltsin-center