Provisions of the XVIII International Festival-Workshop of Film Schools Kinoproba | Кинопроба

Provisions of the XVIII International Festival-Workshop of Film Schools Kinoproba (animation, fiction and documentary short films)

Ekaterinburg, Russia

December 1-5 2021

Article 1. General provisions

1.1. The International Festival-Workshop of Film Schools Kinoproba (hereinafter the Festival) takes place in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

1.2. The Festival includes:

  • Competition Program;
  • Information Program;
  • Educational Program.

1.3. Aims and goals of the Festival:

The Festival aims to launch the careers of young professional filmmakers (including those from Ekaterinburg) through their participation in a competition featuring a significant international representation of contemporary young cinema, which is to be evaluated by leading experts in the field of domestic and international cinematography.


  • To present the widest range of works of young domestic and foreign filmmakers.
  • To attract the attention of the general public and young people to cinematography as a promising and important sphere of artistic creativity.
  • To create conditions for a peer review of works by young filmmakers.
  • To promote the establishment and development of international creative ties between film schools, teachers, and acknowledged masters in the field of cinema.
  • To create an educational module within the framework of the project, including lectures, masterclasses, screenings of films by the masters of cinematography, and introducing the works of foreign top professionals and new trends in cinematography to the festival audience.
  • To implement practical activities for creating cinematographic works during the days of the festival (laboratories, workshops, masterclasses).
  • To attract the attention of investors and producers to the works of young authors.

Article 2. Founding Parties of the Festival

2.1. The Founding Parties of the Festival are:

  • Ministry of Culture of the Sverdlovsk Region;
  • Department of Culture of the Administration of the City of Ekaterinburg;
  • Sverdlovsk Regional Organization of the Filmmakers Union of the Russian Federation;
  • Ural State University of Architecture and Art.

2.2. The competence of the founding parties includes:

  • Establishing relations with institutions that contribute to the organization and conduct of the Festival, and creating conditions for its effective work;
  • Organizing the protection of the copyright of the persons taking part in the Festival;
  • Representing the interests of the Festival in national and international organizations.

2.3. The Founding Parties organize and conduct the Festival in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, taking into account Russian and international festival practices.

2.4. The Founding Parties have the right to exclusive use of the symbols and name of the Festival, as well as their advertising during the Festival.

2.5. The Founding Parties have the right to change the concept of formation of the Festival Program.

2.6. The Founding Parties form the organizational and management structure of the Festival.

Article 3. The executive body of the Festival

3.1. The standing executive body of the Festival is the Directorate.

3.2. The Director of the Festival is appointed by the Founding Parties. The powers of the Director include:

  • Staffing of the Directorate and its management on the principle of individual responsibility;
  • Representing the interests of the Festival;
  • Organization of financing of the Festival;
  • Participation in the formation of Programs;
  • Organization of the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Festival, Competition, Information, and Educational Programs;
  • Formation of the Festival prize fund.

3.3. The Festival Director reports to the Founding Parties on the conduct of the Festival and on the expenditure of the allocated funds.

3.4. The Founding Parties together with the Directorate of the Festival form the Organizing Committee of the Festival (hereinafter the Organizing Committee), which may include representatives of legal entities and citizens, whose activities correspond to the goals and objectives of the Festival, as defined in Article 1.

3.5. The members of the Organizing Committee are decided for each Festival and approved by the Founding Parties.

3.6. The Founding Parties, the Organizing Committee, and the Directorate of the Festival have no power over the decisions of the Jury.

3.7. The Founding Parties, the Directorate, and the Organizing Committee of the Festival have the right to find sponsors for its financing. All financial obligations are guaranteed by special agreements and contracts of joint activities for conducting the Festival between the Directorate and the Sponsor.

Article 4. Participation in the Festival

Russian and foreign professional film schools and studios that have submitted applications for participation in the Festival, as well as debut films of independent authors and studios, take part in the Kinoproba Festival. Participation in the Festival implies agreement with the terms of its Regulations.

Article 5. Festival Program

5.1. The Festival begins with the Opening ceremony and ends with the Closing ceremony. The duration of the Festival is not more than 5 days.

5.2. The Festival Program consists of:

5.2.1. The Competition Program.

The Competition is held in the following categories:

  • Competition of student works (fiction, documentary, and animation shorts);
  • Competition of debuts (fiction, documentary, and animation shorts);
  • Competition of film projects (animation);
  • Pitchings.

5.2.2. Information Program may include:

  • Retrospectives;
  • Screening of new films by masters of domestic and foreign cinema;
  • Presentations of programs of domestic and international festivals and studios.

5.2.3. Educational Program may include:

  • Conferences, round tables, seminars, lectures on the history, theory, and practice of cinema;
  • Workshops and master-classes.

Article 6. Festival Jury

6.1. A professional Jury is created to evaluate the entries. The jury must contain an odd number of members.

6.2. A Student Jury is created to evaluate the Competition Program entries.

6.3. A professional Pitching Jury is created to evaluate the Pitching entries.

6.4. The members of the Juries are decided for each Festival.

Article 7. Festival Awards

7.1 The professional Jury awards:

  • Grand Prix of the festival;
  • Prize for the Best Film School Program
  • Prize for the Best Debut (fiction, documentary, and animation)
  • Prize for the Best Student Work (fiction, documentary, and animation)
  • Prize for the Best Animation Project
  • Special Jury Diplomas

The Audience Award (awarded on the basis of the audience rating of films determined by conducting a questionnaire survey)

Special prizes can be awarded by the Organizers or Sponsors of the festival.

7.2. The Student Jury awards:

  • The Main Prize of the Student Jury
  • Special Student Jury Diplomas

7.3. The professional Pitching Jury awards:

  • The Diploma of the Pitching Winner
  • Special Pitching Jury Diplomas

7.4. With the approval of the Founding Parties and the Directorate of the Festival, the Jury may also award special prizes provided by international and non-governmental organizations, the Founding Parties and Sponsors of the Festival.

Article 8. Contacts

620075 Russia, Ekaterinburg, 137 Lunacharskogo Street,

The Directorate of the International Festival-Workshop of Film Schools Kinoproba.

Phone: +79221066222



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