Memorial Day of Anatoliy Alyashev

Anatoliy Alyashev was a film director and cartoonist.

He worked at the Sverdlovsk film studio.

Anatoliy graduated from Suvorov Military School in Sverdlovsk and Sverdlovsk Institute of Mines (1968). His first animation survey was made in non-professional studio in the Institute. As an artist, he was invited to do openings and captions. At the same time, Anatoliy Alyashev was also creating cartoons. As a result, there was opened an animation workshop in Sverdlovsk.

The first Alyashev’s cartoons should have been black and white. He had been disallowed to make colored ones for a long time. It was pretty difficult because every nitrofilm had to be sent to Moscow for development. However the director put his foot down to make colored cartoons. Every cartoon was being created for a year or more. For instance, in order to create an episode of “The Mumindalen” there were 10 professional actors and a whole orchestra necessary to score the cartoon.

The cartoonist made 16 popular well-known cartoons. For example, “The Russian Poteshki,” which included Russian bywords for children, was being shown in 64 countries in 1970s. And his cartoons “Oh, Where Have We Flown To,” “Outside Your Window,” “The Summer in Mumindalen,” “It’s All In the Hat,” “The Cow Buryonka from Butterville,”  and “The Russian Poteshki” won a lot of prizes at All-Union festivals.