Search for real life

The program of the School of documentary films of the festival Rudnik

The program is presented by Elizaveta Vorobyova (Russia)

For three years now, in the summer, in the city of Sviyazhsk near Kazan, the International Festival of the Debut Documentary Film Rudnik has been held. All three years, in parallel with the festival, two schools open their doors: Documentary Film School and Documentary Animation School. At the Kinoproba, Elizaveta Vorobyova presents films that were made as part of the festival. Aleksandra Matveeva, a participant of the Documentary Film School, will join the conversation.

Young people go to Sviyazhsk Island to study making documentaries. The Rudnik festival and its schools help with that. But real study begins at the moment when one person (student) knocks on the door of another person (hero of the film, a local person). Knocking in the most literal sense, with a camera in his hands, with the desire to understand something about a life that is unknown. And now we see on the screen the former medical assistant Anna Ivanovna; the former 17-year-old convict Zhenya Pryanik; cheerful one-eyed Lenka; 66-year-old Mikhail who has fallen in love; forever looking into the sky pigeon keeper Gena… The real life is flowing out of courtyards and vegetable gardens, very difficult and different. And only after living at least a tiny part of it with the hero, you can understand something about another person, an island, a documentary film and, possibly, about yourself.

Elizaveta Vorobyova – film production manager, producer. Since 2009, curator of the Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov School of Documentary Cinema and Theater. She is also engaged in the distribution and festival promotion of documentaries.