On the eve of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi it is necessary to recall the contribution made by domestic animators to the popularization of the Olympic movement, and in the first place, at the time of preparation for the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980. Animators have participated in the development of facial features of the Olympic Misha* created by Viktor Chizhikov, and did not miss the opportunity to make Misha cartoon hero. In just three years (1978-1980) animators of the Soviet Union have created about a dozen films dedicated to the 1980 Olympics, apart from numerous short movies and microfilms. Work on the development of the Olympic theme has continued even after the conclusion of the Olympic Games. The program consists of two parts.

*the name of the Russian Bear mascot of the XXII Summer Olympics


State Central Museum of Cinema would like to thank the Argus International studio and personally producer Vladimir Repin for assistance in preparing a retrospective.

The program is presented by Georgy Borodin, animation historian, member of the Cinema Museum, author of numerous works about the directors and cartoonists of Soyuzmultfilm Studio.

First Part:

How Cossacks became Olympians (17’33”)


Director: Vladimir Dakhno, Kievnauchfilm (Kiev Science Film) (Ukraine )

Ares intends to disrupt the Olympic Games, founded by Zeus. But he will have to enter a contest with the Cossacks.



Where’s the bear? (10”)


Director: Leonid Kayukov, Soyuzmultfilm

Neighbors of Olympic Misha in toy store lost him at the opening day of the Olympics.




Who will get the prize? (9’43”)


Director: Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin, Soyuzmultfilm

Forest animals compete to become the mascot of the 1980 Olympic Games. The most honest, kind, strong, and agile must win.


Olympic character (8’41”)


Director: Boris Akulinichev, Multtelefilm (Studio Ekran)

How the bear Misha became an Olympic mascot




Salute to the Olympics! (8’24“)


Director: Inessa Kovalevskaya, Soyuzmultfilm

Olympic Bear reminds everyone that in order to be healthy, strong and to win the competition, you must exercise!


Baba Yaga against! (9’24”)


director: Vladimir Pekar, Soyuzmultfilm

Baba Yaga learned that the Bear will be the symbol of the Olympic Games, not she, and now she is outraged!



Baba Yaga against! (Second episode) (9’13“)


director: Vladimir Pekar, Soyuzmultfilm

Baba Yaga learned that the prizes will be given to athletes. Again, she is against !




Baba Yaga against! (Third episode) (8’18”)


director: Vladimir Pekar, Soyuzmultfilm

Another news: the Bear will carry the Olympic flame. Again, Baba Yaga is against




Second Part:

Big relay (9’6”)


director: Ivan Aksenchuk, Soyuzmultfilm

Once upon a time on Earth there were constant wars and bloodshed, and so Zeus lit the Olympic flame to stop the battle at least for a while.




Wheel of Fortune (16’47”)


director: Anatoly Solin, Multtelefilm (Studio Ekran)

Two athletes are participating in the Olympic Games. In this competition, there are winners and there are losers… It is the matter of luck…



Nu, Pogodi! (Well, Just You Wait!) The thirteenth episode (9’42”)


director: Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin, Soyuzmultfilm

Hare athletes from around the world came to the Olympic Games, and the Wolf decides to compete with them.



The first autograph (10’)


director: Boris Dezhkin, Soyuzmultfilm

How the animals were trying to get an autograph from Olympic Misha.



Topchumba (10’)


director: Kirill Malyantovich, Multtelefilm (Studio Ekran)

Bear does not want to be awkward and through sport he becomes strong and courageous, and rescues drowning bunny, and defeats raccoons.



Olimpionics (19’36”)


director: Fyodor Khitruk, Soyuzmultfilm

The film is about the history of the Olympic Games from its origins to the present day.




From Olympus to Atlanta (10’)


director: Roman Mitrofanov, Argus International

After the games in Moscow, the bear Misha flies away from the stadium and then lands on the lawn, where he meets a boy…