Presentation of the MISFF festival from Montecatini Terme, Toscana, Italia
70 years of Love for Cinema… and more
Program by Marcello Zeppi, President of MISFF

The Festival in Montecatini Terme has become like a mirror and, as the water that surrounds the whole city, is able to reflect and transmit a contemporary beauty.
It’s no longer enough to just show the films that the authors produce in other parts of the world, so the Festival, through its own projects, invites the new authors to shoot new films in Montecatini Terme.
The City’s intangible cultural heritage is manifested in many forms: in the vestiges of the past, in the monumental Terme and in the properties of the waters, in oral traditions and expressions, social practices, rituals and festive events, and knowledge and practices related to nature, the environment and the universe.
Young authors and filmmakers invited to the Festival process, transfer and pass on this information with images and film to make it known, make it understood and, finally, to archive it.
During the Festival there are organized photo shootings, exhibitions and collections of localized images (Location stories), multimedia activities dedicated to the “Heritage Registration,” screenings of films, short films, video and promo, with interpreters recalling stories already lived in a contemporary key; creating new content for the inhabitants of the cities and for niches of visitors more and more attentive to new “life experiences.”
Thanks to these innovative “narrations” many potential visitors and city’s inhabitants come into contact with the City to know it, understand it, live it and tell about it.

Broken Treasure, Sondra L. Sottile, 2019, 10’
Fuecu E Cirasi, Romeo Conte, 2017, 12’
Luce Oltre Il Silenzio, Giuseppe Racioppi, 2019, 24’
Un Viaggio Lungo Una Vita, Marcella Mitaritonna, 2018, 14’
Nero Su Bianco, Angelo Frezza, 2018, 15’
Sombras, Daniele Stocchi, 2019, 8’
Light Of Florence, Romeo Conte, 2016, 5’