Waiting for an answer. Russian cinema. Films and their people
Presentation of the book by Evgeny Margolit

The new book of the famous Russian art critic is a kind of guide to the maze of paths of the history of Russian cinema, in which the author seeks to lovingly comprehend the cinematic heritage that has been created in the country for a century. Articles written over the past decade are devoted to various aspects of the domestic film process; the author tries to examine the history of cinema through the phenomenon of audience hits, traces the evolution of a spy film and the development of female characters in Soviet cinema, remembers the films of Khrushchev Thaw era, creates fascinating and vivid portraits of directors, including Yakov Protazanov, Grigory Chukhrai and Mark Donskoy.
Evgeny Margolit is a film historian and film critic. Candidate of Art History and Senior Research Fellow at the Research Institute of Film Art. The author of the books Soviet Cinema. The Main Stages Of Formation And Development (1988), Alive And The Dead. Notes On The History Of Soviet Cinema of 1920s-1960s (Seans publishing, 2012). He is the screenwriter for the documentary film Anthology Of Russian Cinema (2002-2004). His works are printed in the magazines Iskusstvo Kino (Film Art), Seans (Seance), Kinovedcheskie Zapiski (Film Scholars’ Notes), etc. Among his professional awards are the prize of the Russian Guild of Film Critics in the theory and history of cinema category (1998), prize to the best film critic of the year at the Belye Stolby (White Pillars) film festival of the Gosfilmofond (National Film Foundation of Russian Federation) (1999).