“Флаэртиана” запустила российско-польскую лабораторию доккино 2014

Flahertiana has launched the Russian-Polish laboratory for documentary cinematography.

Annual international documentary film festival Flahertiana has emerged in the beginning of 1990’s and was named in honor of the American director Robert Flaherty, who was popular among filmmakers of the Sverdlovsk film Studio and whose methods of shooting they have researched. Prolonged observation of a character and the “habitual” camera shaped the aesthetic premises of signature directing of the “Sverdlovsk school” of documentary filmmaking. Until 2006, the festival was held in the biennial format, and in 2006 it became an annual event.

In 2015 for the first time at the festival will be organized the Russian-Polish laboratory of documentary films called Flahertiana ADA Post-Production Lab 2015. Flahertiana ADA Post-Production Lab 2015 is a great opportunity for documentary filmmakers to implement their projects together with tutors from Poland and Russia. The laboratory includes a series of workshops, seminars, lectures, as well as personal and online consultations on video and sound editing.

Among Flahertiana ADA Post-Production Lab 2015 tutors are Russian and Polish experts in screenwriting, playwriting, production and marketing, video and sound editing, production maintenance. Lectures and workshops by tutors will be supplemented by those of guest professors, like Boris Karadzhev, Marina Razbezhkina, Alexander Gutman, Pavel Kostomarov.

All classes of the laboratory take place in Perm on the basis of the “Novy Kurs” film studio and “Permkino”. Intramural sessions are scheduled for April and August 2015, and from May to August communication will be maintained through online consultations. Completed film projects will be presented in September 2015 during the 15th International film festival Flahertiana.