The animation projects pitching will take place at the XV International Festival-Workshop of Film Schools Kinoproba. The applications will be received until October 30, 2018. The first place will be awarded 50 000 rubles for realization of the project.

  • In order to participate in the pitching, fill out the Application Form.
  • The pitching will be held on December 3, 2018.
  • The pitching is a public presentation of the animation projects (7 minutes) in front of an international jury. The aim is to find parties interested in realization of the project.
  • Debutants who have not participated in creating animation films or have participated in creating one animation film as of the date of application are able to take part in the pitching.
  • Applications are accepted from one author or a group of authors. One applicant can apply only one project.
  • Transportation to Ekaterinburg, accommodation and meals during the days of the festival and pitching are partly paid for by the festival.
  • The preliminary selection of projects for the pitching is carried out by a Selection Committee shaped by the organizers of pitching. According to the results of the work of the Selection Committee, a pitching shortlist is formed, which will include at least 10 projects.
  • The shortlist is published (no later than November 10, 2018) on the website of the Kinoproba festival.
  • Authors and representatives of the teams included in the shortlist of projects undertake to be present in person (to participate in public presentation of projects) on the day of the pitching, December 3, 2018. In case of refusal from full-time participation in the presentation, the Pitching Organizing Committee is entitled to offer participation in the defense of the project to the next candidate with the highest score.
  • The author of the best project by decision of the international jury is the winner.

We are waiting for your applications!
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