Profession: Animation Director
Master class by Natalya Mirzoyan
The relationship between script and visual solution

Natalia Mirzoyan, born in Armenia, is a graduate of the H. Danielyan Art School and also has a degree in sociology from the University of Yerevan. In addition, she studied graphics at the St. Petersburg Institute for Decorative and Applied Art. She has worked at the Petersburg Animation Studio since 2004, where she participated in directing and animating the children’s series “Smeshariki” and “Kingdom M”. In addition to this, Natalia Mirzoyan works as an independent film-maker. Her film “Chinti” (2012) was screened at the Annecy Animation Film Festival and at the Berlinale. It won numerous awards, including the Audience Award at the Fantoche Festival and the Special Jury Prize in Hiroshima. Her most recent film, “Five Minutes to Sea” (2018), celebrated its premiere last year at Fantoche and was subsequently screened at more than 90 film festivals, including the festival in Annecy in 2019, and won around 30 awards.

Chinti (8’00”)
2012, Russia

Kingdom M
2013, Russia

Five Minutes to the Sea (7’00”)
2018, Russia

New Year with the Old Women
2019, Russia