Master Class of Arsen Gottlieb

Arsen Gotlib (Russia) – General producer at “MetronomFilm” film company. Member of the “Golden Eagle” National Academy of Arts and Sciences of Russia. Member of the European Film Academy.

In 1990 he graduated from Automobile Institute affiliated with ZiL (Likhachev Plant) and began working as a producer for theatre and film productions. In 1993 he participated in creating “the first Russian music video” – the film called “Aguzarova and Bravo” (directed by K. Duglas). The films he produced, both feature and animated, won prizes and many festivals.

His filmography includes: “Luck!” (animated series, started in 2010), “Seeing the Music” (animation, 2014), “My Personal Moose” (animation, 2013), “The Birth of New Year” (animation, 2013), “The Whole Year” (animated mini-series, 2008-2010), “Lullabies of the World” (animated series, 2003-2009), “A Different Sky” (feature, 2010), “977/Nine Seven Seven” (feature, 2006), and others.

A very important step in the life of each director is transition from short-length films to full-length films. Arsen Gottlieb will tell in his workshop how to walk this path successfully.

Argentinian lullaby (4’07”)

“Lullabies of the World” is a collection of animation films which were based on the lullabies of different nations.






A year round. Bullfinches and cats. (3’)

Look, what bullfinches are sitting on the apple-tree! Plump, ruddy, they appear to have taken the place of fallen apples! And cats also have sat on the apple-tree, like saying “Sit down near us, bullfinches! We are like apples too!”





Luck! The last wisdom tooth (6’30”)

Hurrah, holidays! Timokha came home and threw his schoolbag as far as possible but his mother was sadly playing the saw – his father had stopped loving her. Timokha went to find his father. Because he felt bad at home without him and New Year was at hand.




My personal moose (16’30”)

The boy Misha spends his weekends with his father. And the boy has a dream. Misha wants to meet real moose. A moose always somewhere near, but Misha can’t see it for some reason.




The king is forgetting (4’50”)

The film is about the king who suddenly forgets what he did, what he has to do, where he is going; the film is about those moments which push us from the usual circle of actions and doings.





The two together (30’)

The chronicle of the last days which were spent together.

Wait, perhaps (7’25”)

The film about love and death.