Workshop by Svetlana Starostina

Svetlana Starostina is a film critic, film director and producer. She graduated from Pedagogical state Institute in Penza (historical and philological faculty) and from Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (screenwriting and film history faculty).

She is an author of articles, interviews and essays on the universal and native cinematography, the history of Russian cinema, and  the problems of the modern film-making process. She is the producer, scriptwriter and director of the series of non-fiction films about outstanding figures of domestic culture: A.Radishchev, V.Belinsky, K.Savitsky, E.Mozzhukhin, V.Pudovkin and others.

Svetlana created and headed as a president the Charitable non-profit-making cultural development Foundation named after Ivan Mozzhukhin in 2008. She is the creator and the president of the Open film festival “Male lead” named after Ivan Mozzhukhin, which has been held since 2007 in Penza region.

Svetlana is a member of the Filmmakers Union of Russia and the Journalists Union of Russia. She is a board member of the Guild of film critics of Russia. She is a member of the Guild of non-fiction film and television. Also she is a member of Russian Academy of cinematographic art “Nika”.

The two workshops include three documentaries about the famous natives of Penza region.

Double Star. Mozzhukhin Brothers (26’)


One drove crazy thousands of fans with his magical voice. The other drove crazy millions with his famous silence. One lived only when singing; the other shined only when quiet. The opposites of their lives and personalities can be described endlessly. But spiritually they were inseparable, two brothers, two stars: Alexander, the outstanding opera singer, and Ivan, the first great Russian film actor

Belinsky. The Knight of Russian Literature (26’)


Vissarion Belinsky is not only an outstanding literature critic, who had cleared the way for the great talents; explained the genius of Pushkin, Lermontov, and Gogol; supported Dostoyevsky, Turgenev, Goncharov, and Nekrasov. He is not just a writer, who conveyed life through literrature; not only a poet passionately in love with Russian art. He is, most of all, suffering, loving, living person.