lena Demidova (Russia) is a director, scriptwriter, operator, producer.

Was born in Orenburg. Has graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University. In 2006 has graduated from documentary films director’s courses “Real time – 2” based on International journalist school “Internews” (course masters – Marina Razbezhkina and Nikolay Izvolov).

Author of such films as “Living Water” (2006, Grand-prix of X International TV shows and films festival “The Golden tambourine”), “Ark” (2007, best debut award of Almaty film festival “Shaken’s Stars”), “Multiplication Table” (2007, Diploma of V International human rights documentary film festival, “Cranberry Island” (2010, Diploma of CIS open film festival “Kinoshok”, special prize of International film festival “Message to a human”), “Liosha” (2011, Prize of International human rights film festival “Stalker”, prize of Russian ecological film festival “Hope meridian”, participant of festivals in Brussels, Poznan, Bilbao, Pyarnu), “Man’s choice” (2014), “Touch of the wind” (2016, prizes of “Window to Europe”, “East-West”, “Eurasian bridge”) and others.

Lesha (32’)


Summer of 2010. Russia. Forest fires. Lesha’s village has burnt down almost completely, only some burnt trees and piles of bricks instead of houses left. New houses have been built for the survivors in another village 20 kilometers away. But Lesha doesn’t want to leave. We are walking with him through the burnt down village to feed a cat and a dog living at his house ruins.


Sasha, Lena, and the Iron Dragon (46‘)


Old panel houses are being demolished. New modern excavator crumples concrete blocks like cardboard. It looks a bit like a dragon with a long neck. It’s almost finished with a house next to Sasha and Lena’s and will inevitably get to their house in a couple of days. But they have nowhere to move, Sasha’s relatives have dispossessed him of his apartment through some legal schemes, and Lena is from Moldavia and has no legal place of living. For three months now they have been living without water, electricity, and sewage. Sasha’s sister has agreed to find him a room on the condition that he leaves Lena behind. But he isn’t taking this deal. And the ‘iron dragon’ keeps coming…