Profession: Animation Sound Director
Principles of soundscape design in animation
Master class by Igor Yakovel

Igor Yakovel was born in 1977, in the small closed Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk-45. He enrolled in the Saint Petersburg Institute of Culture to be a conductor-musician of brass orchestra, subsequently transferred to the faculty of variety arts, specializing in management and production of show business. In 1995 he started doing sound engineering, at first he worked with sound in advertising and participated in the creation of thousands of commercials for radio and television. Since 2003, he has been a leading sound director in the Smeshariki project (computer animation studio Petersburg). He is a participant of the educational forum Tavrida as an expert of the School of Animated Film, which is conducted by the Association of Animated Film.

Selected Filmography:
Series: Smeshariki, Pin-Code, Flying Animals, 3 Cats, Angel Baby, Dragon Tosha, etc.
Feature films: Smeshariki. The Beginning (2011, dir. Denis Chernov), Smeshariki. The Legend of the Golden Dragon (2016, dir. Denis Chernov), Smeshariki. Déjà Vu (2018, dir. Denis Chernov) and others.
Author’s animation: The Tree of Childhood (2009, dir. Natalya Mirzoyan), Chinti (2012, dir. Natalya Mirzoyan), The Theory of Sunset (2017, dir. Roman Sokolov), etc.

The master class by Igor Yakovel is about the techniques of sound design and the structure of sound in animation. The material for the analysis will be the film The Theory of Sunset, for which Igor received the Ikar Award as a sound director.

The Theory of Sunset (9 ‘)
Director: Roman Sokolov
Script: Roman Sokolov
Sound Director: Igor Yakovel

On a dark night a little man walks through the winter forest. He does important work: while everyone is asleep, someone must make sure that the new day comes.