How to get an international film grant. Practice without theory
Master class by Maria Ivanova (Russia), Grant Buro company

At the master class, Maria Ivanova will share her experience working with international funds, film companies, and private investors. She will talk about how the Grant Buro project works and by what principle projects for grants are selected. Why do European and American filmmakers know how to get grants, but not Russian. What needs to be done to increase your chances of getting grants. She will touch upon the problem of financing independent and debut films and together with the participants will try to answer the question – why is it not customary to give grants for film production in Russia?

Maria Ivanova (Masha Zeyd) – producer, director, journalist, founder of the Grant Buro project and the Buta Films film company. She graduated from Moscow State University, department of journalism in 2006. Head of Buta Films film company (, organizer of international events in the field of culture and art. She considers the short film Sonuncu (The Last) her most important work. The film became a participant in the main short-film competition of the 67th Cannes Film Festival, was shown at 84 international film festivals and received 9 awards. In 2016, Maria came up with and organized the first festival of Russian cinema in Lebanon with the support of the Russian Foreign Ministry. The festival was attended by 5,000 viewers, 12 Russian films were shown. In 2017, Maria Ivanova presented her debut directorial work – a documentary film Escaping the War about Syrian refugees. The film received a special prize from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Russia and the main prize of film critics as part of the Stalker film festival. In 2018, she launched two series for the Internet platforms The Corner Table and Pro Gogol. In August 2019, she started the Grant Buro company that provides assistance in obtaining international grants for film production.

Grant Buro ( is the first project in Russia that helps to receive international grants for film production. We help to prepare a strategy for submitting applications for grants, collect and draw up documents in the required format depending on the conditions of the grant, apply for a grant, correspond with the grantor and, upon receipt of the grant, conclude a grant agreement. The Grant Buro project has its own film company Buta Films.

Co-host of the master class Maria Kobzareva is the executive producer of Grant Buro, a graduate of the British Higher School of Design and Chelsea College of Arts London. Master of Arts. Curator of exhibitions and educational projects in London, coordinator of several international biennials and art shows. In the past – an illustrator and artist, including in the genre of video art.

Co-host of the master class Olga Artemyeva – graduate of the screenwriting and cinematography department of VGIK, candidate of art history. Screenwriter, film critic, creative producer. Collaborated with several film companies and film festivals in New York and Los Angeles. Since 2007, she has been working at the Moscow International Film Festival, since 2015, she has been a selector of short film programs at the Moscow International Film Festival. Since 2018, she also oversees the program of modern film screenings at the Museum of Cinema.