Special Course by Georgiy Borodin
Commissioned By…

Georgiy Borodin is a historian of animated films, a researcher and propagandist of
Russian animation, scientific consultant of the film studio Soyuzmultfilm, the leading editor at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, winner of the Elephant Guild of Film Historians and Critics prize.

One of the most obscure sections of the Soyuzmultfilm heritage is commissioned and promotional films. Until now, not all of them are mentioned even in the official filmography of the studio, and since the beginning of the 1970s such films have very rarely been deposited to the State Film Fund. In the early 2000s, researcher Georgiy Borodin made an attempt to catalog this array of films: at that time only forty of the approximately 130 titles were preserved. However, over the past years, the list of surviving custom-made films of Soyuzmultfilm has grown dramatically. Mostly thanks to the inventory of the film library of the studio, whose employees were able to save from destruction a lot of materials that were no longer preserved anywhere else and were previously considered lost. It is on the basis of the digitized film collection of Soyuzmultfilm the program Commissioned By… was created. Most of the paintings are shown for the first time after several decades of oblivion.

The first program.
Films commissioned by Fire Department and Traffic Police.

The second program.
Films made for a foreign audience, commissioned by the Ministry of Communications and by medical organizations.

The third program.
Films commissioned by insurance, financial, trade and other organizations.