Academy was founded in 1991. Being one of the most famous international cinema schools, it is oriented to the studetns activity. The curriculum provides different methods of film and TV production: screenwriting, fiction, documentary, publicity and science-fiction direction, cinematography, montage, animation, serial forms, TV programs, media and sound mounting and other.

Tango without a partner (8′)

Director: Wolfram Kampfmeyer

Burgler Kalle who has stolen diamonds is caught by Charlotte. Their fight turns into a dance passion inflames. Police appears…



Young raven (9′)

Director: Andrea Deppert

A young raven feels as an outsider. children laugh at him. The raven can’t fly.



Conformis (6′)

Director: Benjamin Manderbach, Martin Grotzschel

One have to create his own dance in order to express individuality and not to be unnoticed.




A box (5′)

Director: Kyra Buschor

Three frogs ague about a mysterious box and can’t come to a decision whether to open it or not.



Visit (9′)

Director: Conrad Tambour

An elderly woman is preparing supper for her friends who died long ago. Soon those who she is waiting for appear.



Competition programme: Fiction

Hades (30′)

Director: Milos Savic

Vincent commits an unintentional murder. Suddenly appears a stranger who evidently has something to hide. In a bloody red night Vince sets on a journey – through the nooks of hell.