Our Everything! (5’)


Author: Elena Vorontsova (VGIK-Debut, Moscow, Russia)

Starring: Marina Golub, Elena Vorontsova

First-graders understood the meaning of old-fashioned words in Pushkin’s poems in their own way.


The Bung (2’)


Author: Anastasia Titova (Komnata 16 Film Studio, Kiev, Ukraine)

Everyone has emptiness inside, but each person fills it in a different way.



The Wound (9’)


Author: Anna Budanova (A-film Studio)

The little girl’s heart wound takes shape of a furry creature that becomes her friend.




Back to home (6’)


Author: Valeria Bakholdina (A-film Studio)

Woman has a dream that brings to life memories of the most bright, happy, and tragic events of her life.