American Capitalism, a Self-portrait (9’)


Author: Thibault Le Texier

In 1955, professor of history Clifton L. Ganus Jr., from Harding University, Arkansas, revealed the holy trinity of American capitalism.



Saint’s day (20’43”)


Author: Oleg Yakushenkov

Russia, Ryazan region. Here, in the ancient village Lgovo, at high and picturesque shore of the river Oka, for centuries, stands the monastery…



From Paris to Paris (21’)


Author: Svetlana Belorussova

Chelyabinsk region has it’s own Paris. Group of residents from Paris go travelling around Europe.


You can’t catch up to the moon (26’)


Author: Olesya Kozhina (A-film Studio)

Film tells the story of three young Ural playwrights, students of Nikolay Kolyada: Andrey Krupin, Anna Baturina, and Yaroslava Pulinovich.