Broken Maiden (9’25”)

Director: Maxim Dashkin (NYU Tisch School Of the Arts)

For the first time in years a son begins to trust his gambling addicted father, but can he really be trusted?


Big Boy (15’54”)


Director: Yuri Solodov

The boy is 6 years old. Father sends him to buy bread for the first time. If he passes this test, he will be considered a big boy…

Recommendation (16’48”)


Director: Semyon Galperin

A salesgirl from a grocery store recommends a sausage to a customer in such a humble and sincere way that he falls in love with her.


A White Sparrow (20’01”)

Director: Dilovar Sultonov

The film tells the story of a boy who can’t speak, but this doesn’t interfere with him exploring the world. Can imagination and courage help him realize his dreams?



Bubbles (7’14”)

Director: Egor Salnikov

Two nine year old girls dream of growing up. At a camp, during the magical last night, they share their most precious “adult” secrets.



Bakhyt (14’45”)

Directors: Ruslan Bekshenov, Alexander Amulin

In a lost corner of the universe lives Bakhyt — 21, a cleaner of the highest category. Day by day, without any changes, he performs his functions. His goal is to keep everything clean. However, meeting Samira — 21, a cleaner of the lowest category, he realizes that he wants a completely different life. Collecting his will, Bakhyt tries to make contact with the girl, but she doesn’t hurry to answer. According to the laws of micro- and macrocosm, the characters move toward each other.