Film Academy Baden-Württemberg (Ludwigsburg, Germany)

The World We Live In (16’40”)

Directors: Hanna Fischer, Sofiia Melnyk, Nina Prange 2016

The World We Live In” is a partly animated feature portraying Eastern European migrant workers that are subject to labor exploitation, unemployment, and homelessness.


Fluminense Federal University (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Essay about my mother (20’05”)

Director: Josimar Dias Jr.


My mother and her walls made of sound. About to collapse.


Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) (Moscow, Russia)

Million Dollar Love (23’44”)

Director: Darina Umnova


Every girl dreams about a prince in shining armour. Every girl dreams about her own the most romantic love story. However, during the search for this love story, we forget about cruel insidious world around us. Yana flinged herself into love, and she was close to be drowned. But the life is going on, and she still hopes to find her simple women’s happiness.

Soon on the 1st Channel (23’00”)

Directors: Noza Abdulvasieva, Anastassiya Sergeeva


This is a story about the creation and creators of one of the most popular talk-show on the 1st Channel (one of the most popular Russian channels)..

The crowd. Close-up (19’30”)

Director: Alexander Zubovlenko


This is a story about ambitious people who dream to become stars, they want to be recognized on the street, to be interviewed, and their faces adorned the front pages and covers of tabloids. In everyday life, they work usual boring jobs, but in their spare time they follow their dreams, they go to work as extras…

Pigeon (15’46”)


Director: Julyetta Martirosyan

Aghavni is 97 years old. We see last days of her life, her spirit and strength, gentleness and love. In a metaphor of man’s journey, the film moves from private story to a general question: how can one approach life’s end with dignity? What is left when the journey ends?

The Ship of Fools (21’53”)

Director: Marina Maria Melnik


A documentary portrait of a young poet, struggling with a sleeping society on the modern Ship of Fools.

What would he be today? A clown from a Bosch’s painting or a human, looking for confession?

American dream (15’40”)

Director: Andrey Ananin


This is the story of a “merry milkman,” a native American living and working in Siberia


Kazan State University of Culture and Arts (Russia)

Z/K (32’50”)

Director: Ruslan Valeev


A film about a Tatar girl, Raihan, a nurse working in the hospital during the Afghan war. At an early age she was in Afghanistan, after she received a summons from the recruiting office with a proposal to serve as a nurse. She’s been in the thick of the war, saw the death and injury of grenade attacks, gave her blood to soldiers. After returning home, she is faced with indifference and disdain of officials, indifference, bureaucracy, side looks and selfishness of the colleagues at work during the period of political changes.

Perm State Institute of Culture (Russia)

You’re the Fool! (13’44”)

Director: Olesya Epishina


Polina is 21 years old, after breaking up with her boyfriend she met Ilya on the Internet. Then he invited the girl to live together. Now Polina is waiting for the prince on a white horse.

Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

Sisters (17’00”)

Director: Nikita Aniskin


The film tells the story of two sisters. It shows how people can be foolish and lazy while having all the opportunities. But some of them are able to overcome difficulties, to fight and to live a full life despite having a disability. Tanya and Irina have two different views on life, two characters, two destinies, living side by side, but having little in common. And sisters can’t do anything about each other, it is unlikely that something will change …

Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts (Russia)

This is My Lifanovo Village (23’26”)

Director: Marina Donskaya


The documentary film-portrait about the life of one old man, who lives in the little village called Lifanovo which consists of the twenty four houses.

Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov School of Documentary Film and Theatre (Moscow, Russia)

In the Wardrobe (18’00”)


Director: Daria Aksenova

3 jars of cherry compote, 138 buttons, 4 X-ray plates, 2 gold rings, 1 horse, 1 cow. Three sisters in search of the lost time in their wardrobe, where life never stops, and the old-fashioned crimson jacket is back in fashion.