Faculty of the Arts of Beit Berl College (Kfar Saba, Israel)

Bambina (6’36”)

Director: Yotam Knispel

While the wheels of her bag are spinning on the ancient pavement of the small Sicilian town she once lived in, Violetta is in search for a specific man. When she’ll find him, things won’t go as she expected. But that wouldn’t stop her from getting what she want at any cost

State Institute of film and television (Rohtak, India)

Bare Feet Impressions (29’54”)

Director: Yogesh Vats

An Armyman’s dilemma is reflected under the cruel social structure, that has trapped his wife in it, while he’s been on duty.


Department of Radio, TV & Film, Shih Hsin University (Taipei, Taiwan)

Lion Plaza (25’00”)

Director: Yen-Ju Yu

Li-Hua, a woman who expects nothing from life, receives news of her mother’s death while she was attempting suicide.



Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies (Lisbon, Portugal)

Lux (10’36″)

Directors: Bernardo Lopes, Inês Malveiro

Inspired by the tale The Spider in the Keyhole, by Leonardo Da Vinci, this drama portrays the thought process Pedro, a disgruntled writer, decides to go through in order to get to the central idea for his new novel by using an unusual phenomenon of bulb manufacturing that takes place in his own home.

National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre (Lodz, Poland)

Adaptation (24’50”)

Director: Bartosz Kruhlik


Structural or functional evolution of an organism towards higher survivability.
Process of an individual becoming better suited to environment and more resistant to outer stress.
3. The ability of eyesight to adjust to seeing in the dark.

The Caragiale University of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography (UNATC) (Bucharest, Romania)

Black Friday (20’50”)

Director: Roxana Stroe

In the Communist era, queueing for food is something normal. After a long wait on an empty stomach, Mihail doesn’t receive his food ration. The next day he tries to be the first in line.


The National Institute of Image and Sound (INIS) (Montreal, Canada)

Ari (12’36”)

Director: Clément Verneuil

Fed up with life in a house of secrets, Ariane pits her memories against those harbored by her sister and mother.



Mister Mayor (15’39”)

Director: Charles Massicotte

Suburuban Mayor Cournoyer is desperate to stop the police from unearthing the cash he stashed at home.



German Film and Television Academy (Berlin, Germany)

The Man in the Case (30’00”)

Director: Alexandra Balteanu

Emil is about to fail his driving test once again. Meanwhile, his pregnant wife wants to sell the car. Being threatened by external circumstances he resists in his own way.


University of Theatre and Film Arts (Budapest, Hungary)

Switch (10’49”)

Director: Nagy Zoltán

Béla and Pisti are 10-year-old knife-thrower twins in a touring circus.

Their father loves only one of them. When the favorite son dies in an accident, the mother has an idea.

The Bloom of Youth (14’43”)

Director: Ádám Freund

Karl fall asleep at school. He was studying History all night long. It is the 5th class every Tuesday. He was already sleeping during Biology, which is the 3rd class. But while sleeping, at least he was dreaming.


Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) (Moscow, Russia)

Fedor’s Journey in XXI century Moscow (24’07”)

Director: Aksinya Gog

A long time ago Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to mankind. Over the past centuries the flame has almost burnt out and the inhabitants of a megapolis are dying of cold because they have lost their ability to love. Young Fedor and nearly grown up Masha are two people out of millions who live in this strange, frozen city, witnessing its final days approaching.

Maria (14’42”)

Director: Grigoriy Kolomiytsev

A year after her son went missing, the mother receives the news that her son is in Ingushetia.


Holidays (19’36”)

Director: Yulia Kalinina

Two brothers and one girl struggling to understand themselves.


High Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors (Moscow, Russia)

David the Star (16’02”)

Director: Evgeniy Koshin

12-year-old Dinka goes to a conservative Jewish religious school for girls. She falls head-over-heels in love with the actor David Travis and spontaneously decides to marry the Hollywood star.


Live (16’28”)

Director: Elena Piskareva

8 women in the ward waiting for their turn for the abortion. They all are of different ages, but they have one thing in common – as it seems, they all have a very good reason to make such a terrible decision. During an easy conversation they are leaving the ward one after another and then come back… After…


Car (26’59”)

Director: Petr Levchenko

Sixty-year-old Victor, living in a small provincial town, learns about the disappearance of his adult son and sets off to search for him.




I Have a Brother (28’43”)

Director: Maksim Kuznetsov

Oleg’s day-to-day life collapses when his younger brother kills their father. Now he has to decide which is stronger — his despise for the murderer or strong family ties.


Moscow Film School (Russia)

Corporate Party (14’00”)

Director: Ilya Zakharov

Roman, an exemplary family man, once in a lifetime decides to have an evening for himself and goes to an office party with his colleagues. When he wakes up next morning at home, he finds out that the party did not go unnoticed, and now he has to make a choice, risking everything he has.


Dad (14’51”)

Director: Aleksey Smirnov

Children are the future. But what if you have a lot of them, really a lot? Then the only thing left to do is lie. Big time. Lie in the name of a dream! For the Everest mountain. To be like your father. But how far the dream can take you?


Good Day (8’03”)

Director: Olga Dibtseva

The courier, delivering an order to a married couple, becomes a witness to several accidental deaths.



The Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia (Moscow School of New Cinema, Russia)

People Singing Songs Upstairs While Someone Is Bathing With Dolphins (10’40”)

Director: Vik Laschenov

The heroes of the film work in the glass offices in business-centres, in stylish cafes & co-working spaces. They are successful and wealthy, but a little unhappy. Not feeling at ease, they rush into the forest where they try to live using the habitual objects and usual behaviour. Their colleagues suppose that the demons of downshifting are to blame. The demons of downshifting need to be expelled.


Russian State Institute of Performing Arts (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Envy has to be Deserved (18’50”)

Director: Boris Volokh

A mild, easy-going parable about a Finnish cafe owner, who’s going through his middle age crisis. Yesterday he was a free pilgrim, traveling through the world and having fun, and today he’s a family-oriented working man, treating a poor middle aged Russian artist who was freezing outside. Who’s a happy man: a free one or an accomplished one?


United Filmmaking School (Moscow, Russia)

Rock (17’46”)

Director: Lena Lanskikh

Three girls. One chance