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REGULATIONS OF THE XVIII KINOPROBA the International Film School Festival & Workshop 

(Animation, Documentary & Short Fiction)

December 1-5, 2021

1. KINOPROBA, the International Film School Festival & Workshop (Animation, Documentary & Short Fiction), is organized by the Sverdlovsk Region Ministry of Culture, the Ural Department of Cinematographers Union of RF, The Ural State Art & Architecture Academy, the “A-Film” Animation Studio.

The Festival is dedicated to the promotion of cinema both as a laborious creative process for professionals and as special kind of holiday for everybody among the general public and young people. Its goal is to support nascent professional directors, as well as to develop relations between film schools, teachers, and recognized masters of cinema.

The Festival invites film schools from Russia and other countries to perform their programs in the Competition Program, as well as in the Out-of-contest Program. Also The Festival is delighted to see in Ekaterinburg a master and a student for the school, that grant program to the Festival.

2. The Festival includes  
2.1 The Competition Program:

  • film school program competition (Prize for Best School Project);
  • debut studio animation film competition (Prize for Best Debut);
  • student film projects competition (Prize for Best Project).
    2.2. Out-of-contest Program:
  • retrospective shows;
  • new films by masters of domestic and foreign animation;
  • promotional screenings of studio films;
  • film programs for general public;
  • round table discussions
    2.3. Creative Workshops:
  • master classes;
  • discussion forums;
  • conferences and seminars, both hands-on and theoretical;
  • excursions to studios and animation schools;
  • exhibitions of graduate student works-in-progress and rough cuts;
  • meetings with leading masters of animation filmmaking;
  • teachers panels.
    2.4. Cultural Program:
  • city sightseeing tour;
  • tour of art institutions (galleries, museums, theatres and other).
    3. Participation
    3.1. Only film schools and studios are eligible to pre-select programs and films for the competition. Final acceptance decisions are made by the Direction of the Festival.

3.2. To participate in the international competition program, the following materials must be provided by October 1, 2013:

  • information about the school;
  • short biography, filmography, and photo of each director;
  • short biography, filmography  and photo of each teacher;
  • 2 stills from the film;
  • annotation for the program;
  • program of films.
    3.3. Works submitted for selection must be provided in 35mm (optical soundtrack) film, or a Betacam SP (NTSC), DVD. The film should be no longer than 30 minutes. The program should be no longer than 1.5 hours.

3.4. To participate in the works-in-progress/projects competition, the following materials should be provided by October 1, 2013:

  • script application;
  • sketches and storyboards on flat media or DVD ;
  • short biography, filmography, and photo of a director;
  • short biography, filmography, and photo of a teacher.

4. The Festival shall show films only in Festival programs and no more than 3 times (according to international regulations). The entrant grants the Festival the right to show on television for publicity purposes excerpts from his/her production (to a maximum of 3 sec.).

5. Transportation costs and insurance charges must be paid by entrant. The Directors of the Festival will be responsible for storage and insurance costs during the time of the Festival, and will pay shipping costs for the return of materials after the Festival.

6. The professional jury created to evaluate the winners will work in accordance with the regulations of the Festival and will award:

  • Grand Prize of the Festival;
  • Prize for Best School Project;
  • Prize for Best Debut;
  • Prize for Best Project;
  • Two Citations for Best Project;
  • Audience Award (on the basis of an audience poll )

Special Prize may be granted by the organizers or sponsors of the Festival.

7. All participants shall agree with the Festival regulations set forth above.


Рекомендовано для зрителей старше 6 лет. Некоторые программы фестиваля предназначены для зрителей старше 16 и 18 лет. Обязательно обращайте внимание на возрастные ограничения в афише.

Проект реализуется с использованием гранта Президента Российской Федерации на развитие гражданского общества, предоставленного Фондом президентских грантов.

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