Apply for Kinoproba-2019 now!

Applications are now accepted for the XVI International festival-workshop of film schools Kinoproba. We are waiting for applications from film schools and their students and from debutants with their first films. The applications will be accepted until October 1, 2019.

As in previous years, Kinoproba festival accepts animation, fiction and non-fiction short films up to 30 minutes. The country of the film’s production and topic of the film do not matter, but duration of the film and compliance with Russian legislation (no extremist content allowed in films) are important.

In more detail, all conditions are set out in the Regulations. To apply, you must fill out the online form here. All important information about applying is here.

Ready or Not, the Return of the Hobo Bag Is Nigh

McCartney’s early eco-activism. “This is an issue that Stella had championed for 10, 15, 20 years…

Кинопроба-2019 начинает прием заявок!

В апреле 2019 года начался прием заявок на XVI Международный фестиваль-практикум киношкол «Кинопроба». Мы ждем заявок от киновузов и профессиональных киношкол с программами их учеников, […]