The Russian State University of Cinematography, Russia.

VGIK - is the oldest film school in the world. It was founded in 1919 by russian cinematographers Vladimir Gardin and Lev Kuleshov. Since 1986 it is named after distinguished directoe, actor and teacher Sergey Gerasimov. The masters of VGIK are outstanding cinematographers of our days. A.V. Batalov, V.I. Yusupov, V.I. Hotinenko, V.Yu. Abdrashitov, S.A. Solovyev, A.E. Uchitel and the others share their expierence with the students.

The Competition Program: Fiction Film


“In the Opera” (5:40)

Directed by Aleksandr Evseev.

Cast: Timur Habitsov, Maxim Dobromislov.

 An Opera and apples. 



“A road to Sochi” (18 min.)

Directed by Artyom Volchkov.

Cast: Alexey Zelenskiy, Olga Saricheva, Ilya Emelyanov, Vyacheslav Rudnev.

A family (a boy, his father and a stepmother) is preparing for the long-awaited removal to Sochi. But the circumstances are so that one of them has to stay.


“Sacrifice” (25 min)

Directed by Anar Abbasov.

Cast: Sarvar Shahbeily.

A father of three daughters is going on the pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain to make a sacrifice and ask God for a son.

“Career” (10:20)

Directed by V. Malachov.

Cast: Anton Tayshihin, Anna Dorodnih, Sergey Glava, Michail Huranov, Ilya Belov.

A young man takes a risky step to move up the career ladder.



"St. Matthew Passion" (11 min.)

Directed by Yulia Novicheva.

Cast: Elizaveta Penyaga, Olga Terehova.

A mother with her daughter from a small Urals town are going to the unique concert of the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic Orchestra "St. Matthew Passion" in this town. The girl is longing to visit it, she dreams to become a violinist. The bus breaks on the way but it will not prevent the most important event in the girl’s life to happen.


The Competition Program: Animation Film

My grandfather is strange(9')


Director: Dina Velikovskaya

A creative person ofthen sems ridiculous and even his dear people don't always understand him.

Scattered magician (7')


Director: Elizaveta Manokhina

The film is made after E. Shwartz works. A genuis but scattered magician turns a horse into a cat.

And there's a miraculous creature...

The Absent-minded (6')


Director: Polina Manokhina


The way to the wind (7')


Director: Serafima Ovcharenko

A monk living in a desert and his donkey are on the way to the river to take some water. There are about to have an unexpecting meeting


 Once upon a time there lived a mom (7'30")


Director: Anna Artemyeva

Mother is the strongest person, she can all, she manages all, she will never

leave in trouble. The film-parable is about how mom saved everyone.


 Do you hear (5'21")


Director: Alexanrda Lomidze

An elderly lonely woman needs help. But nobody hears her voice. There are headphones

in the ears of passers-by.


 A checked tiger club (2'34")


Director: Svetlana Krivenkina

It is well known that tigersa re born without stripes. The stripes are painted by their parents,

and this is very important! But what about the poor cub whose parents can't decide whether to 

paint the stripes up-and-sown or across?


 Merichlundiya (3')


Director: A. Strelnikova

The animation is about a sense of conscience that helps us to become pure through suffering.


 The King is looking closer (3')


Director: Masha Filonetz

The story is about a king who has found his love


“The blind” (3:30)

Directed by Pirogova Tatyana

The world is empty and dark. The blind ones are travelling in it feeling the darkness through the hands.

They are passing by but never face each other. Once two persons get in touch accidentally. At first they

get frightened by this touch but then they feel the attraction of the unknown nature. Love appears in their hearts.

And love is so strong that the blind receive sight. They see now the repulsive ugliness of each other and forget that

their souls, opposite to their bodies, are beautiful. Fear appears, disappointment, and love vanishes. The blind

ones turn away from each other and go in different directions. By loosing love they lose their beautiful souls. They don’t need an ability to see anymore and become the blind ones again…                                                                                                                                                                         


God was on his way (4')


Director: Anna Tiniana

The film is based on the poem of the same name by Sergey Esenin.

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